Circular component inspection table - Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

2022-05-21 20:48:37 By : Mr. Shuwen Zheng

Drilling grade for aluminum; Production site monitoring.

The TruMotion rotary table verifies small or medium circular parts on the shop floor with high accuracy, allowing manufacturers in high-precision and general machining industries to check roundness of turned or ground parts.

The manually operated rotary table enables inspection of circular components such as pinions and gears, gages, bearings, aero engine components, and optical assemblies in a production environment.

It measures parts up to 400mm in diameter x 220mm high weighing up to 50kg. It has a radially adjustable articulated probe holder, and its axial and radial bearing runout is <1µm.

U.S. distributor: Wyvern Industrial Technology LLC

WNN15 grade for indexable insert drills is for use in ISO N wrought- or cast-aluminum alloys. A hard substrate on the indexable inserts promotes high cutting-edge stability. The PVD coating creates a particularly smooth, dense surface – leading to a rake-face surface that performs better than polished carbide. Chip removal is smooth and there’s little build-up on the cutting edge, increasing wear resistance and process reliability, even at high cutting speeds.

An increase in tool life up to 200% can be achieved, depending on the application, compared to conventional drilling grades.

WNN15 drilling grades are available for D4120 (sizes 1-8), D3120 (sizes 1-7), and B3212.DF--B3214-DF (0.394" to 0.709" (10mm to 18mm).

The PlantMonitor digital solution lets companies simultaneously monitor and analyze production data at multiple sites where at least one machine tool is equipped with a Heidenhain TNC control and StateMonitor software. PlantMonitor aggregates the data onto one screen for review, and machine tools using non-Heidenhain controls can also be monitored.

Network data is displayed by groups via a customizable dashboard. The monitoring function displays machine data in real time. The machine status bar, utilization rate, and availability for every machine connected to PlantMonitor can be shown on a single page and as a tile on the dashboard.

By connecting multiple StateMonitors within PlantMonitor, a company’s entire production environment will become visible, enabling users to react to problems and changes to achieve long-term process optimization.

Other highlights of the system include production and mean time between failures (MTBF) calculations, as well as the ability to set productivity reference values.

PlantMonitor is available as a rental license with a minimum duration of six months.