Boston College Rhode Island Men's Basketball: What does URI's victory mean

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South Kingstown-This has been a difficult week for the University of Rhode Island men's basketball program. 

Alumni Ryan Preston was killed in an overseas car accident, like a thick coat of grief covering Kingston. On Tuesday afternoon, David Cox was visibly emotional when meeting with members of the media. 

The next night, URI hit the floor in the center of Ryan and was able to focus on the defensive end for 40 minutes. This is enough to ensure its recent victory, and more importantly, to advance the 48-hour attempt that its head coach can understand by a few days.  

"He has a huge heart.": Former URI basketball player Ryan Preston died in Bahrain

"I feel their energy, their love, and their support," Cox said in the 57-49 game against Boston College on Wednesday night. "They allowed me to delete it from my system. Then they came here today with great, great attention." 

Jared Terrell was one of the people who sent a text message to Cox the night before and returned to campus to pay tribute to the first half of the year. 5,421 spectators bathed the former Rams defender with enthusiastic applause. This performance was something he could have enjoyed. In the four years of URI, few people have traded intangible assets like Terrell-over time, his perseverance and tenacity accompanied his honed scoring feel. 

The Rams participated in the Sunshine Grand Slam in Florida this weekend and became the winner of the first three games. This is the first time Cox has started 3-0 in his fourth year at work. You will understand why he may not have personal emotions to celebrate it at this moment, but it will definitely be seen as progress.  

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Here is how URI remained unbeaten in Saturday's game against Tulsa in Daytona Beach: 

The Rams allowed the Eagles to shoot only 25%, including 5 of 27 shots in the second half. Boston College made only 11 of 44 shots from the three-point line, and 13 attempts were blocked. 

"When we lock in, I know our ability on the defensive end," Cox said. "We have a very good defensive team-players who are committed to defense, players who know the importance of defense." 

URI pays special attention to DeMarr Langford, who averaged 17.3 points per game in three games. The juvenile wing made only one of his eight field goal attempts and was limited to two points in 39 minutes. The Hawks only had two players in double figures. 

"We prepared a lot for this game," URI center Makhel Mitchell said. "I am not surprised. As a team, I feel we are locked in." 

The Rams began to control their opponent's two-point shooting percentage at 32.8% and improved it in some way. So far, their length and inside activities have caused serious problems for their three opponents. 

Kennegreen has reached this number five times in his outstanding career with URI. Hassan Martin's 10 blocked shots in the 2014-15 victory over LaSalle are still the benchmark.  

It seems that this number may be threatened at some point. Mitchell added 8 points and 7 rebounds, which shows that he has a physical advantage at the basket. 

"We have an anchor there," Cox said. "We may have the best anchor in the country." 

Mitchell was the top 50 blocker in the country last season, and his two-pointer shooting percentage on the field was as high as 8.2%. This resulted in him being selected as the best defensive team of the preseason by the Atlantic 10 team coach and media members in October. This speed allows him to challenge the league's Defensive Player of the Year honors in March, which Martin took home twice in his brilliant career. 

When Mitchell passed the ball to Ismail El Amin in the right corner, the Rams were a little wobbly in the last four minutes. With 4:12 remaining in the game, he scored a three-pointer, restoring URI's lead to double digits. 

"Our big man is a great promoter," El-Amin said. "They are willing passers-by. Mahler got the ball, pulled down the back, and gave the ball to me." 

It was no different in the season opener against Boston University. When El-Amin calmed things down with a wing three-pointer, the Rams were trying to end that game. URI defeated Terriers 71-62 and scored a second victory against Boston opponents. 

The Rams offense was terrible in the second half, which offset most of the excellent work they did in the opening 20 minutes. 

URI collected 13 assists, 15 shots, and entered the break with a 35-26 lead. The Rams shot 55.6% from the field and made only 6 turnovers, seeming to reverse the trend that plagued them in the first two games. In defeating Boston University and Kobe Bryant, URI contributed 24 assists, and he made 36 turnovers. 

"I think our offensive data in the first half was very stable," Cox said. "We just have no traffic. We don't have a lot of traffic tonight." 

The Rams knocked out their opening three-pointers and only made 2 of 14 shots in the remaining games. They fell into some bad habits in the second half against the 2-3 zone deployed by Boston College. This looks more like a team that has only made 35% from three-pointers in the past five seasons. 

"Our goal is to continue to get better," Cox said. "We had a pleasant business trip in Florida-three games in five days. It will be very challenging." 

Boston College (3-1): Bickerstaff 7-14 6-7 22, Post 4-14 3-3 11, Ashton-Langford 0-6 5-6 5, Langford 1- 8 0-2 2, Zachry 2-9 2-4 7, Carnick 0-2 2-2 2, Scott 0-3 0-0 0, Jones 0-0 0-0 0, Kenny 0 -0 0-0 0. The total score is 14-56 18-24 49.

Rhode Island (3-0): Makhi.Mitchell 4-4 1-3 10, Makhe.Mitchell 4-6 0-0 8, El-Amin 4-8 2-2 ​​12, Leggett 0-5 3-6 3 , Shepard 2-7 3-3 9, Martin 2-3 2-2 7, Walker 0-4 0-2 0, Carey 3-3 2-2 8, Thomas 0-3 0-0 0. The total score is 19-43 13 -20 57.

Intermission time _ Rhode Island 35-26. Three-pointers_Boston College 3-12 (Bikerstaff 2-3, Zachary 1-4, Post 0-1, Scott 0-1, Ashton-Langford 0-3), Rhode Island 6-16 (Shepard 2-4, El Armin 2-5, Martin 1-1, Markey Mitchell 1-1, Leggett 0-1, Thomas 0-2, Walker 0-2). Foul_Makhi.Mitchell. Rebounds_Boston College 36 (Bikerstaff 15), Rhode Island 28 (Makhi.Mitchell 8). Assists_Boston College 9 (Ashton-Langford 5), Rhode Island 16 (Leggett, Sheppard 3). Total fouls_Boston College 18 times, Rhode Island 22 times.