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2021-11-24 02:54:51 By : Ms. lily zhang

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Bosch's integrated dust collecting hood and grinder performance became the focus in a system that made great sense for a dedicated concrete surface grinder.

Tired of OSHA's silica dust requirements for concrete? They will not disappear anytime soon, but we are committed to keeping you informed about the product in time to help you comply with regulations and stay away from those nasty fines. Today's muse is CSG15-a Bosch surface grinder that includes an integrated shield for dust collection.

In our current Table 1 world, the biggest feature is obviously the integrated guard system included in this Bosch surface grinder. It is built into the protective cover, so no additional accessories are required for dust collection. When you need to grind against the wall, you can slide the front part of the shield open all the way to the edge.

Since the nozzle is locked in place, the Bosch dust collector will be your best choice. However, you can also use vacuum hoses of other brands, but you may need an adapter.

The difference between surface grinding with and without a shield is incredible. Just pull the trigger without collecting, and you can hardly observe how much dust this tool generates. Bosch's integrated shield makes this almost zero.

Pro tip: Please remember that when you do surface grinding, you need 25 CFM for every 1 inch of wheel diameter on the dust collector.

Bosch's electronic devices may not be the only ones that can perform their functions, but they are very good. When you turn on the switch, the motor will provide you with a soft start, and the electronics will drive up to 12.5 amperes of current to keep the wheels spinning at a speed close to 9,300 RPM. The circuit will also provide overload protection, so the tool will shut down before you damage the motor.

It is inevitable to replace the brush sooner or later. Bosch CSG15 provides you with reminders, so you can replace the tool before you have to stop using it and lose productivity.

A 12.5 amp motor rotates the grinder to 9,300 RPM, and the integrated dust collector is a good luxury. However, this only tells part of the story. If the grinder does not have enough power or vibrates your nose, then your staff will encounter some resistance when using it.

Starting from the two-row segmented wheels and then moving to the turbine row, it is obvious that the Bosch surface grinder has enough power and can quickly remove the concrete surface layer. I don't want to make 2000 square feet of concrete on my hands and knees, but there is no doubt that I can turn to CSG15 to handle areas that are not reachable by large floor models.

This Bosch surface grinder weighs 5.95 pounds, which is very reasonable for a tool that can reduce weight because it is mainly used for floors.

In order to make room for the motor, Bosch’s handle has a larger diameter than I like. However, it is not so wide that I never feel out of control when using it.

When you use the tool, you will feel some vibration. This is not surprising, and it does not exceed the scope of any professional's expectation for surface grinding with a hand-held grinder.

The Bosch surface grinder is only $359. It can almost be powerfully disassembled with a 5-inch double-row segmented diamond cup wheel. Of course, you will need other cups in your process.

Most other brands only have accessory guards that can be installed on existing grinders. These still comply with OSHA standards, but Bosch's dedicated systems are very convenient for specific tasks.

When you use a high-quality 5-inch grinder (US$120 to US$200) with a guard (US$60 to US$130) and aggressive diamond cup wheels (US$80 to US$140), you will spend US$260 to US$470 The range or more. Considering Bosch's packaging, $359 is a reasonable price.

Bosch's integrated dust collecting hood and grinder performance became the focus in a system that made great sense for a dedicated concrete surface grinder. If you have enough space, you will enjoy the performance and convenience provided by the CSG15 Bosch surface grinder. The remaining question is whether it makes sense to use the cordless version of the Core18V battery. For now, this is a product that you don't need to worry about pulling the trigger.

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The price is quite reasonable. I don't know if some other brands already have this, but if this is the first one, then it will be good for Bosch. I have a surface grinder, and I have to stop from time to time when using it, because it can really cover the surrounding with very fine dust-even worse, when used indoors, I must have some kind of exhaust. I don't mind replacing mine with this one.

This is a great surface grinder!

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