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2021-11-24 02:54:50 By : Ms. summer Li

For sale: shop equipment-table saws, band saws, woodworking lathes, dust collectors, ½" forming machines, (2) pr. Pump jacks-979-525-9262

Wanted: Wild Duck Hen – 979-203-9056

Sale: Lab mix puppies, 8 weeks. Old – 979-530-7137

Sale: Wingback recliner, blue, exce. condition. $100; antique singer sewing machine $75 – 979-836-3815 LM

For sale: Ford 5600 tractor, roof, front loader, rear (4) outlets, good tires, good operation – 832-746-8126

For Sale: '05 Chevrolet Suburbs; Fishing Rods; Golf Carts, Gasoline – 713-562-1348

Sale: Generator, model 5600, pull start; John Deere riding lawn mower; project car, '94 Chevrolet Z28; '06 Nissan Maxima; hammock, brand new, in a box - 979-421-3663

Lost: Rottweiler, female, last seen in the Nelsonville area (FM 159) with collar and gap; Wanted: young laying hen – 979-525-3237

Wanted: '90-'95 Ford F600 or F650, you only need the body, you don’t need to run – 979-716-0751

Sale: (4) Tires, 8 layers, 2357515 USD 150 – 979-347-7942

For sale: (4) Trailer trial, ST2358016 20 USD. Or $75/all; (2) Quart multi-purpose Bangdo, unopened cans, $10 per can. – 979-836-3444

Sale: EZ-Go Golf Cart – 979-451-5506

For sale: '82 Chevy truck, ½ ton, 6 cylinders, automatic, to be repaired; walk-in cooler with meat grinder and saw; T-type (or A-type) rims – 979-218-2868

Sale: antique dressing table, turned into bathroom cabinet, with sink and faucet; 5 foot claw foot bathtub, exe. condition. ; 5th wheel connection of truck – 832-318-9136

Sale: Two-seater sofa/sofa, 72x36 inches, gray, suede, West Elm, lightly used, in good condition, (2) seat cushions and (2) cushions, round legs, 6 inches off the ground $350 – 979-525 -3050

Sale: miscellaneous. Christmas train garden (village) items; bags of goat dung $4/bag (less than 5 bags) or $3/bag (more than 5 bags), including manure and organic debris – 979-530-7421 no text

For sale: (3) Charbray Heifer, 15 months old. Old; slaughter bulls, accept orders, various sizes, will be ready in January – 979-277-8794

Wanted: sm. Freezers at reasonable prices – 979-421-8185

Sale: Rocking Chair/Lounge Chair, Chocolate Color – 979-551-3567

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