Stihl SE 33 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner-Professional Tool Review

2021-11-24 02:55:04 By : Mr. Simon Liu

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Stihl does not have an ultra-deep series of wet/dry vacuum cleaners available. Until recently, they had a Pro model (SE 122) and a model designed for consumer applications (SE 62). However, as we have recently discovered, this production line will soon be expanded. The Stihl SE 33 Wet Dry has joined the series as an entry-level model, designed to provide reliable performance at a great value price.

Although the Stihl SE 33 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is aimed at value-conscious consumers, the important thing about the new model is that it has the same motor as the high-capacity model. This means you can get the same suction power as the tried-and-tested SE 62, but with a smaller volume, it is ideal for various cleaning tasks at home, office or shop.

In addition, the STIHL SE 33 wet and dry vacuum cleaner function group brings convenience to work. It has a blower function, which can provide greater application flexibility. The rear wheels and front casters give the SE 33 some fluidity on carpets, door sills and rough floors. It also has a washable PET filter, which makes maintenance easy.

Onboard storage simplifies your attachment organization. For the SE 33, Steele includes a switchable floor nozzle, crevice nozzle with long metal crevice tool, squeegee floor tool, long brush tool, universal nozzle, long brush tool and car cleaning kit.

Since we have already mentioned that the SE 62 is related to this smaller model, it seems appropriate to place them side by side to see which suits you best.

At least at first glance, the Stihl SE 33 almost looks like an exact copy of the SE 62. Since the motors of the two models are the same, it is only natural that you can get the same power and performance between the two.

The real difference between the two seems to revolve around the volume. The SE 62 has a more gallon capacity, as well as a longer power cord and suction hose. It weighs close to 5 pounds. More importantly, although both vacuum cleaners use a rear wheel/front caster design, once they start working, the weight difference may be negligible.

Although the Stihl SE 33 wet/dry vacuum cleaner is not ready to be rolled out of the shelf and into your home or store, we expect this to change in the summer.

When this happens, you will be able to purchase the Steele SE 33 wet/dry vacuum cleaner from any retailer in the Steele network or directly from Steele itself. It should cost you $99.99 and come with a 2-year warranty.

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I recently bought SE33 to replace my 10-year-old SE61 (the old model of SE62). I suffered 10 years of abuse as an electrician, including continuous work use when drilling, sawing dry walls, and guiding brick/stone walls at work, but it still runs like a champion, I just want to install one for my truck New vacuum cleaner and thought someone would like to find that Steele in the habitat! The secret to keeping these Steele vacuum cleaners running forever is to buy and use their wool bags-not paper bags, not filters. They do a great job of dustproofing...Read more »

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