Cleanest car in the world: With oil bath and fine vacuum cleaner - company car

2022-10-09 02:45:38 By : Ms. Sophia Feng

While electric cars emit neither CO2 nor other combustion products while driving, they emit a lot of fine dust from other sources.Researchers have now found ways to avoid this.No fine dust, no CO2 and hardly any other emissions: The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the automotive company HWA have now presented the prototype of what they claim to be the most environmentally friendly road vehicle in the world.The streamlined electric sedan called ZEDU-1 should bear the title, at least in terms of operation.Because in this, in contrast to other cars, significantly less brake dust and tire abrasion should get into the environment.The former is made possible by a new type of electric multi-disk brake, which is integrated in the electric motor instead of in the wheels.It floats in an oil bath that absorbs any abrasion.A magnetic induction brake provides additional deceleration.Relocating the brakes from the wheel to the engine creates space in the wheel housing, which the researchers completely covered and aerodynamically optimized so that the microplastics rubbed off the tires are sucked into a filter system by vacuum - similar to a vacuum cleaner.Plastic emissions should be completely avoidable up to a speed of 50, and by 70 to 80 percent at higher speeds.Both technologies are now to be further developed together with industry for series production.Free and exclusive: Test the latest electric modelsOrder your free newsletter.The reference work for all fleet managers.Find events, seminars, trade fairs and truck sport events in your region.