Manual hand push sweeper for indoor/outdoor sweeping

Manual Hand Push Sweeper for Indoor / Outdoor SweepingHW-D700 hand push sweeper's cleaning efficiency more than 6 times than the artificial broom sweeping function. It is especially good at sweeping cigarette b

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Manual Hand Push Sweeper for Indoor / Outdoor Sweeping

HW-D700 hand push sweeper's cleaning efficiency more than 6 times than the artificial broom sweeping function. It is especially good at sweeping cigarette butts, shell, dust, sand, iron, wood, scraps of paper, small leaves garbage. 
Dexterous handle design. You can install the rungs in the middle for hanging objects. Side brush, roller brush with adjustable height, in accordance with the ground height of the gap and adjusted to the best so far.

Main Parameter of HW-D7 hand push sweeper machine 
Cleaning Width 700mm
Dustbin Capacity32L
Side brush diameter300mm
Main brush diameter300mm

Advantage of hand push sweeper

Sweeps Ten Times Faster than a Broom
Clean hallways, workshops, retail shops, warehouses and sidewalks up to 10X with the Tornado Clean Sweep Manual Sweeper. Pick up everything including metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves, and even packaging material. Light and compact, you can move from area to area with ease with this highly mobile unit.

Rugged Durability for Long Life
This sweeper offers outstanding sweeping performance through the use of a main roller brush that is driven by both wheels, ensuring effective cleaning during right or left-hand turns. Effective indoors and outdoors, this compact unit easily sweeps hard-to-reach areas such as curbs, corners, and crevices with the help of a durable side-broom, and offers a convenient hopper-grip handle for portability and emptying debris. The ergonomic handle suits operators of all sizes.
Superior Sweeping Performance in a Compact Sweeper
You can expect years of service from the Tornado Clean Sweep Manual Sweeper thanks to its tough polyethylene hopper and base, which are made to resist dents and cracks. The large 9 gallon hopper collects dirt and debris and is simple to remove and empty with an ergonomic handle. The side brush arm is swivel-mounted and can be easily disengaged.
Main broom and side brush can be adjusted for optimum adaptation to floor conditions and type of dirt.
The Clean Sweep is an ideal replacement for manual sweeping.
Picks up dirt quickly without leaving dust behind.

Great for workshops, outdoor areas, paths, machine shops, stockrooms, parks, small yards, parking areas, and loading ramps.
Goes where large sweepers can not.

Versatile & Effective - The Clean Sweep can be used in small warehouses, machine shops, workshops, gas stations, retail stores, sidewalks, for indoor or outdoor areas including parking lots.
Unique Side Broom - The side broom sweeps dirt out of corners and away from walls, directly into the cleaning path of the main brooms, which then flips up debris into the large 9 gallon hopper. The side broom sweeps dirt out of corners, directly into the path of the wide main broom and then into the large dirt hopper.

Easy to Use - This easy-to-push manual sweeper is hard working, lightweight and fast, delivering up to 20,000 sq. ft. per hour of sweeping productivity! And the variable height adjustment allows for efficient cleaning on a variety of terrains.

Go-Anywhere Convenience - With large, rear mounted wheels, this unit will go anywhere easily and can even climb steps. A fold-up handle makes this unit perfect for small, compact storage spaces.

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