Optional riding on a power trowel for finishing and polishing of concrete floors

High quality KD301 concrete floor harden agentProduct Features1.Hardness: After the concrete penetration of the sealing agent treatment of the ground, Mo\'s hardness will reach 8, MO\'s hardness increased by 45.3%;2.Wear-resistant: solidified into a hard solid, increase hardness and compactness, wear resistance will be increases

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High quality KD301 concrete floor harden agentOptional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel Machine

Product Features
1.Hardness: After the concrete penetration of the sealing agent treatment of the ground, Mo's hardness will reach 8, MO's hardness increased by 45.3%;
2.Wear-resistant: solidified into a hard solid, increase hardness and compactness, wear resistance will be increases to more than                                                            8 times.
3.Dustproof: The sealing agent permeates into the concrete reacting with the silicate in concrete, forming a dustless and    compact whole on the concrete surface, and permanently controls the concrete dust from the surface voids..
4.Anti-skid: general concrete ground, saline and alkaline components will be precipitated from the surface, leading to slippage.
5.Anti-pressure: compressive strength of the specimen compared to the treatment of the sample enhanced 27.3%, the flexural strength increased by 3 times.
6.Impermeability: Can effectively penetrate into the concrete, and its chemical reaction, fills ups the pores on the concrete surface leading to a permanent sealing effect, which can effectively inhibit water, oil and other surface dirt into the concrete.
7.Anti-weathering: can effectively prevent the passage of chloride ions. The test indicates that the treated ground will not be affected by exposure to electromagnetic or water mist.
8.Corrosion Resistance:Greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the concrete.
  1. Brightness: After applying the sealing agent the concrete floor will appear to have a marble-like luster, with longer the use leads to better gloss.
  2. Environmental protection: Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, VOC emissions 0.Optional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel MachineWhy is it better to use two-part sealed Hardener?
    1.If there is a small crack in the surface after 3-5 years, each material surface, and with the extension of time will become more and more obvious..

    2. for the new ground, the relatively dense ground floor, can be preferred single group, simple and convenient construction, the ground beautiful. For the old cement ground loose ground, must choose the two sets of concrete seal curing agent, also may make the hard and beautiful ground.

    The two-part concrete sealing agent (one group is alkaline, the other is acidic) can avoid the occurrence of cracks . Its service life can be really up to 20 years.
    Optional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel Machine
    When is the sealing agent in general, what is it based on?
    Based on the actual situation on the ground. It is polished before it is polished to 150 mesh or 300 eyes.
    Before grinding, it is because the ground is loose and the hardness is raised.
    General ground or better ground, before grinding to 300 mesh can be.

    Is the curing agent required for the construction temperature?
    The sealing agent construction principle is above 0 degrees, 50 degrees below construction is possible. The sealing agent can not be frozen, as if its frozen it cannot penetrate. High temperature will affect the curing time.
    Optional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel Machine
    Construction technology of two-part sealing agent?
    1. Clean the ground, with professional dust pushing or washing machine to clean the ground.

    2. Base Surface treatment: first with 50-300 mesh grinding plate thoroughly polish the ground, to feel smooth, and use vacuum cleaners or other tools to thoroughly clean the ground dust, so that the ground pores can fully absorb materials.

    3. Spraying materials: after spraying dry ground CFS-300 base dense type sealing agent, use 0.15Kg/ square meters amount of the solution , need to adjust the amount according to the ground solution for up to 3 hours, standard penetration time, liquid water 1:1 diluted 1:6 solution with a soft brush and levelling the ground, in order to fully absorb the ground.

    4. Fine ground: 12 hours after adding a small amount of water moist ground, and light grinding machine with 300 mesh grinding piece on the ground, remove surface dirt, while using water suction device to dry the ground mud, dry 12 hours on the ground.

    5. Spraying B Material: After the ground is completely dry, spraying CFS-301 hardening bright sealing agent, around 0.2kg/do not need to add water permeation time of 2 hours.

    6. Fine Ground: add a small amount of water to moisten the ground and after 3 hours grind the ground with a 500-mill grinder with a light grinder to remove the surface dirt while using a water sucker to dry the ground mud until the ground is dry.

    7. Polishing the ground: Rotate the counterweight iron of the grinder to the forward gear and polish the ground with a 1000-3000 mesh grinding plate.

    8. To ensure ground drying, small area spraying CFS-400 polishing agent, the dosage of conventional 0.05kg/. 3-6 minutes after the surface dry immediately with a heavy grinding machine with 6000 mesh sponge polishing, the ground to achieve a bright mirror effect. Select)
    Optional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel Machine
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Optional Ride on Concrete Floor Finishing Polishing Power Trowel Machine


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