Electric road sweeper\\clean sweeper\\sweeper

HW-I800 Electric Road Sweeper\\Cleaning Sweeper\\Floor SweeperHW-I800 Industrial Sweeper Cleaning Equipment is equipped with a high efficient roller-shape sucking filter and an automatic cleaning system. It is mostly used outdoor.

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HW-I800 Electric Road Sweeper\Cleaning Sweeper\Floor Sweeper

HW-I800 Industrial Sweeper Cleaning Equipment is equipped with a high efficient roller-shape sucking filter and an automatic cleaning system. It is mostly used outdoor. It is widely used by the environment and hygiene departments, cleaning companies and property management companies, square, colleges and universities for outdoor cleaning.

1/ powerful built-in dust control systems, more powerful vacuum, sweep width of up to 1800mm
2/ the use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leakage, do not produce harmful gases
3/ has international advanced clean-rejection technology, dust box rate up to 100% of the theoretical value
4/ the reliable good quality parts help to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
5/ solid tire, airport-specific, strong and durable

6/ imported electronic control device, current protection device, low-voltage protection device, enforced pallet, bigger in size of trash bin.

Electric Road Sweeper\Cleaning Sweeper\Floor Sweeper
Electric Road Sweeper\Cleaning Sweeper\Floor Sweeper

Main Parameter of HW-I800 Electric Road Sweeper\Cleaning Sweeper\Floor Sweeper
No.Item nameUnitHW-I800
1Sweeping pathsmm1800
2Productivitym 2 /h10000
3Max climbing capacity%20
4Length of main brushmm700
5Power supply v36
6Continuous working hoursh6-8
7Dustbin CapacityL150
8Cubage of water tankL30
9Side brush Diametermm500
10Driving Power(Motor)w1500
11Working Power(Motor)w600+500+80*4+50
12Turning Radiusmm1200 (spot turn)
13Dimension (L/W/H)mm2150*1750*2020
14Max working speedkm/h7
15Max running speedkm/h8
16Filtering aream25

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