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This list collects the best Nintendo Switch accessories for every owner, from the youngest Pokémon enthusiast to the veteran Smash Bros. Pro, and everyone in between.

Author: Michael Gary | November 19, 2021 | Topic: Hardware

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The components that make up today's $5,000 worth of game equipment are tomorrow's mid-range components.

When Nintendo Switch was first launched in 2017, it created a whole new kind of game console. Combining the portability and relatively low cost of Nintendo DS with the large-screen living room console experience of the Playstation and Xbox series competitors, Switch has launched a new series of hybrid use cases that previously required multiple consoles to achieve. 

This versatility has also given birth to a series of new accessory categories, with peripheral equipment manufacturers scrambling to meet all possible needs that switching users may have. In addition to the traditional lineup of controllers and headphones, Switch has also spawned countless suitcases, stands, authorized memory cards, and some unprecedented technological worlds.

Although various add-ons are an excellent opportunity for users who want to customize the Switch according to their specific use cases and aesthetic tastes, finding the most suitable option for that specific user among the many possibilities may be a difficult task. A lot of money will be wasted. This buying guide is designed to help all types of Switch users, from children who received their first game console to the dedicated Smash Bros. pro, to choose the best and most cost-effective accessories for them. 

Nintendo has always demonstrated that it is a company capable of producing high-quality and reliable first-party peripherals, and this reputation is reflected in the Switch Pro controller. The gamepad provides all the same functions as using the included Joy-Cons, and supports reading Amiibo numbers and cards, Nintendo's proprietary HD Rumble haptic feedback and motion control (if supported). Even better, all of this is housed in a shell that is strong enough to withstand any abuse that young gamers—and their older, angry counterparts—may endure.

Unfortunately, starting from day one, the Switch Pro controller was difficult to get in hand. Frequent sell-outs, dealers' attempts to drive up prices, and the general lack of ready availability have prompted impatient buyers to switch to third-party products. Others use the same third-party route to find retro designs, additional buttons, or different charging options, all of which can be found in the alternatives listed below. 

If you are patient, have a sufficient budget, and have no desire for unusual button or housing configurations, then the Switch Pro controller is clearly the winner of the overall best choice. In other words, Switch owners do not lack budget-friendly and diversified options, they can meet their personal needs equally or better.

Soon after the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was launched, when it became clear that it was difficult to obtain, many users quickly adopted PowerA as a viable alternative. The unit closely reflects Nintendo’s own cracks on the independent gamepad, adding two additional programmable buttons on the back, allowing users to configure quick access to the game features of their choice. Even better, the price of all these is 15-20 dollars lower than the Switch Pro controller. 

Of course, this reduced price does have some compromises. First of all, the PowerA Enhanced controller does not include Amiibo support, nor does it provide HD Rumble support for games that include Nintendo's immersive haptic feedback function. Although this may be a deal breaker for some Switch users, a large portion of them may not care much about any of these absences. 

The PowerA Enhanced series also provides something that the Switch Pro controller does not have-a wealth of aesthetic choices. The franchise-themed version adds a variety of opaque and translucent colors, covering everything from Doom and Apex Legends to Pokemon and Zelda. Of course, this has no effect on their functionality, but when you show up at a friend's house representing your favorite game series, it might make you feel cooler.

8BitDo may not be a household name in the gaming peripherals market, but the company has earned itself a reputation for rapid development. One of their most famous products, the SN30 Pro series, not only supports Nintendo Switch, but also supports Windows, MacOS, Android, Steam, and even Raspberry Pi. 

The ability of the SN30 Pro to work with the Raspberry Pi unit has won a large following among tinkerers who modify cheap, small DIY computers to create powerful retro game consoles. For Switch users, gamepads are ideal for its extensive Switch Online library and retro games provided by NES and SNES. Although Joy-Cons can run these games well, its similarity to the original SNES controller provides additional immersion and nostalgia for gamers of a certain age. 

8BitDO knew that nostalgia was at the core of its success, and released a retro-themed version of the controller, including models with original SNES colors, Super Famicom variants, and even colors based on the original PlayStation.

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise is one of the most famous fighting games in the world. It continues to attract avid followers of large enough fans who have played the original N64 all the way to those who experienced the series for the first time with its latest product, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

A large part of the Smash Bros. community swears that the original GameCube controller is the best way to play games (if more than that), even though it has appeared on many consoles. Nintendo caught him and decided to use the new USB-C connector to create a perfect replica of the original gamepad. 

Of course, this means sacrificing wireless connectivity and modern rumble feedback, and going back to the controller layout that many people consider very strange. However, for those enthusiasts who swear by this unusual shape, the GameCube controller Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition provides a good choice.

For some Switch users, the console is docked on the big screen most of the time. However, for others, the handheld mode is where it is. For the crowd who spend most of the time playing Switch in this mode, Hori Split Pad Pro provides the equivalent of the Switch Pro controller. 

The larger, more ergonomic shape can potentially alleviate the cramps that may occur in those who try to use the original Joy-Cons with larger hands. Of course, this comes at the cost of not being able to use these devices in wireless mode, because they can only work when they are physically connected to the Switch itself.

Hori's strong relationship with Nintendo means that users can also purchase the Split Pad Pro series with accessories from Pokémon, Monster Hunter and other well-known franchises.

Nintendo Switch has built-in support for Bluetooth audio. Although Nintendo only pushed an update to officially activate this feature nearly four years after its launch, it is now available. However, this option has a big caveat: delay. This means that there may be a delay when the sound is transmitted via Bluetooth, causing gamers to be frightened by the gunshots they did not hear until too late, or miss important audio prompts long enough to disrupt the game. To solve this problem Manufactures of peripherals like Steelseries have turned to rely on 2.4GHz connections for devices such as Arctis 1. 

There are many 2.4GHz earphones on the market, but there are relatively few earphones equipped with USB-C transmitters like this one. The small dongle plugs directly into the charging port of the Switch and provides low-latency audio output and microphone input. 

Although Switch support for the iconic Arctis headset series may be new, Arctis 1 brings the pedigree of its predecessors, providing extensive support for other game consoles, PCs and even Google Stadia. At a price of about $100, this product from Steelseries may not only be an excellent choice for Switch, but also a perfect solution for general multi-platform gamers.

The form factor of the Razer version of Arctis 1 is widely praised for all the same reasons as its very similar products. Leaving aside intellectual property issues and unrelated third-party lawsuits, Razer managed to produce a version of Acrtis 1 that differs in enough respects that may affect some buyers. 

Perhaps the most important of these is the device’s “HyperClear” cardioid pointing microphone, which uses a different pole from the Steelseries microphone, which may provide richer sound absorption. Although the actual impact of this difference has been debated among different reviewers, almost no one thinks that the impact of these two units is significantly inferior to the Razer version. Similarly, some people find that the fit of the headband and earmuff padding are slightly more comfortable, while others are slightly less comfortable. 

After all, the best choice between Steelseries Arctis 1 and Razer Barracuda X is likely to be one you can find at a cheaper price, or one that is in stock.

It may not be the best idea to hand over a $100 headset to some young users of the Switch. Similarly, the mobile nature of the console also means that its peripherals are sometimes best kept on a compact side. For any of these use cases, a pair of cheap earplugs is usually the best choice. 

Although there are indeed an amazing number of cheap earplugs of very different quality on the market today, one of the most enduring and outstanding products is Pansonic's Ergofit series. These earbuds have received more than 121,000 user reviews on Amazon and have withstood the test of competitors who have tried to fill the same space for years. 

There are some reports that fakes are sold in the form of Panasonic Ergofits, but genuine products are almost always praised for their comfortable fit, durable construction and good sound quality. Nonetheless, these are not meant to directly compete with products like Arctis 1 or Barracuda X, but for the above-mentioned user demographics or those of us who seem to be unable to track, they are a budget-friendly option. A pair of headphones save us s life.

One of the longest complaints about the use of Nintendo Switch as a portable console is that it is difficult to charge it when using the stand that comes with it. This is because the Switch’s charging port is located at the center of the bottom of the device, which means that when the built-in stand is folded for desktop use, any cables inserted there will interfere with its proper placement. 

Fortunately, Nintendo has created a relatively inexpensive accessory that not only solves this problem, but can also be used as a portable dock to charge Switch users on the go. The adjustable charging stand cannot output video, but it can support the device when it is powered on, and can be folded to fit all devices except the smallest suitcase.

It should be noted that users still need to prepare their own power supply. This can be anything, from portable power banks to power bricks that come with switches, to almost any third-party charging solution terminated with a USB-C connector.

The status of Switch as an ultra-portable console means that it may be widely used in family cars or vans. Although many modern vehicles include some form of USB charging, and users can easily purchase their own car USB charger, PowerA provides a cost-friendly option to provide a power bank for the Switch. The included 6-foot braided cable should be able to cover most reverse users while still providing enough flexibility for cable management for safe installation. It is worth noting that Hori also produces licensed car chargers, but the retail price is much higher than $25, and offers exactly the same charging speed and cable length. The only relatively small benefit of the Hori model is the slightly smaller profile of the DC connector.

The 5v/3a power output of the device means that it can also be used to charge various Android smartphones, various tablets and other portable electronic products.

The built-in battery of Ths Switch weighs 4,310mAh. This includes the original release day unit and the updated version of the original Switch released in 2019. Although the updated version runs longer due to improved efficiency, both can turn off the main power at an untimely time. This is why it is important to have a reliable portable power bank. 

Anker has become synonymous with power banks and other mobile-centric accessories. Over the years, their long-standing PowerCore product line has had many entries, almost all of which have received widespread praise. The series currently includes sizes ranging from the low-end 10,000mAh to the high-end nearly 27,000mAh. This means that users can charge their Switch anywhere, from a single charge, once or twice to more than six times. This 20,000mAh option provides a good middle ground.

Of course, as the capacity increases, the size will also increase, which is why it is important to consider the various sizes, shapes and output layouts of Anker. The company even provides the officially authorized Switch mobile power series, but these mobile power supplies often provide fewer ports and are at a high premium. Except for some Nintendo brands, they do not provide any benefits.

This Switch can play games from two sources: Nintendo’s proprietary memory card, or through an inserted MicroSD card. Fortunately, the file size of most Switch games is only a fraction of their Xbox or PlayStation similar games. However, users who wish to carry a large number of games without any additional physical burden will want to invest in a card of at least 128GB.

To this end, Nintendo provides its own officially authorized MicroSD card series. However, the official entry has some disadvantages. First, although they provide the same transmission speed and storage capacity, they are more expensive than unlicensed similar products. In addition, their maximum capacity is 512GB, or half of the 1GB maximum storage option currently available to SanDisk under the correct configuration. 

Looking to the future, according to its technical specifications, Switch can support cards up to 2TB, but these are still very rare and extremely costly. However, as with all solid-state storage, this may change over time.

Like all touch screens, the Switch’s display is designed to hold a finger, an approved stylus, and nothing more. For this reason, people who are clumsy, cautious, and want devices to be used frequently by young people may want to invest in screen protectors. 

Nintendo meets this need with HORI's PET plastic-based option, which is expected to protect the built-in display without sacrificing sensitivity or responsiveness. The device also has a unique application method designed to make its installation as simple and bubble-free as possible. An optional variant with blue light blocking technology is also built-in. 

Although the general consensus seems to indicate that the performance of the plastic film is admirable, it does add significant thickness to the display and has a detectable raised edge at its end. The tempered glass substitute mentioned below corrects this defect to a certain extent. 

Many smartphone users swear by the tempered glass screen protector. Relatively inexpensive accessories can prevent scratches, debris, and other damage to the built-in display of the device. Although they may break in the process of being hit, they are easy to replace and are usually much cheaper than smartphone repairs. 

Many companies have decided to extend this technology to Nintendo Switch, including SuperShieldz, an organization known for its critically acclaimed protective devices for smartphones and tablets. Like most of the company's mobile device display protective films, the Switch version includes a rounded edge to simplify the transition between the sides and top of the display, possibly avoiding some of the irritation that may be caused by the plastic option of HORi. 

Thanks to its oleophobic coating, Supershieldz also promises zero-bubble installation, high transparency, and resistance to fingerprints and smudges. Even better, the protector is in a multi-piece form, so when you encounter dust, you can quickly replace it.

No matter how protective the protective case is, it needs to be placed on the device to prevent falling or collision. This seems obvious, but for many hard rubber cases designed for the Switch, this is a real problem. The reason is simple: they must be removed to install the Switch to its docking station or disconnect its Joy- Con connection. Because of this, the console will spend a lot of dangerous time outside of its enclosure, including some common times when it likes to be discarded. 

Most situations only rely on users constantly installing and uninstalling their switches to reduce risk. However, as the name implies, the Mumba Blade series dockable chassis can be inserted into the base of the Switch without removing it. In addition, it can even disconnect the Joy-Con of the device while it remains on the main body.

Of course, this convenience does come at the cost of a certain degree of protection. The casing is usually thinner than some competing products and contains more gaps than some other products. However, the fact that it is always installed on the device means that it is more likely to be able to prevent damage than a case that may or may not have been removed before the fall.

The convenience of the Switch lies in its relatively small size and slim appearance. Many suitcases expand these sizes to the point that greatly reduces the degree of compactness and convenience. Of course, no one wants to just throw a bare Switch into their bag and let it crash and damage it all day long. This is where the tomtoc Switch shell comes in. Its EVA hard shell is designed to fit the Switch's size precisely, with molded protrusions to prevent damage to the Joy-Con thumbstick, and the space above the display is just enough to store 10 game cassettes. Tomtoc also provides a total of 18 colors and designs, allowing users to customize the appearance of the shell according to their preferences.

There must be stronger and more durable boxes on the market. However, for the convenience of daily use and storage, few people can provide the proper balance in the precision molding form of the tomtoc Switch Case. 

Maybe you have a holiday home, maybe you like to bring your Switch RVing, maybe you just can’t stand the idea that you won’t have a precious Switch accessory when you’re at a friend’s house... If there are, these things sound like Like you, Zadii Hard Carrying Case may be the ideal solution.

The above entry is actually the second skin of the Switch, and this point is completely focused on allowing you to put in almost everything, including the Switch itself, two Joy-Cons, two Joy-Con shoulder straps, Joy -Con Grip, Nintendo Switch Pro or similarly shaped controller, official power adapter, 21 game cassettes and original Switch Dock.

Even with all these pre-cut foam grooves, the shell is still not very large, 11 inches at its widest point and only 5.11 inches thick. There must be a niche market for this. However, for users who belong to the ideal population, Zadii Hard Carrying Case represents a protective and comprehensive solution that can solve the problem of becoming a real Switch road warrior.

Switch owners are the most diverse group of game console players. From young people who participated in the Mario Kart competition for the first time, to veterans of Smash Bros who have been playing since N64, to casual gamers who just want to relax on their Animal Crossing island, everyone is playing on the same hardware . Because of this, the way in which each of these owners customize their own personal switches can vary greatly. However, a few things apply to all of them and are indispensable for informing the choices made for this list. 

First of all, the products selected here have been well received by professionals and private users. Second, each product is compared with its competitors to evaluate the best combination of features and value. In the end, all items meet the specific practical needs that most Switch users may encounter during their possession.

Although this answer is annoying, the truth is: it depends. The official Nintendo license provides additional guarantees to ensure that the products you use will not damage your switch or encounter compatibility issues. In other words, paying an extra 25-50% for the exact same MicroSD card, because it has the Zelda logo printed on the outside, may not be good for anyone but the most avid Nintendo collector idea. 

Due to the versatility of the connector and the wide range of data and power it can provide, USB-C has become such an important protocol. So yes, most USB-C cables can charge the Switch. However, as with any mobile device, it is important to use undamaged, good-quality cables to avoid the possibility of damaging expensive consoles by buying unsafe or worn cables cheaply.

This is an unclear answer. Although the possibility of the switch being damaged by plugging in a good quality third-party charger is very small (thanks to the power supply provisions of the USB-C protocol), it is not impossible. The most likely "bad" result is that the console is charging slowly or not charging at all. However, it is still best to confirm with the manufacturer or at least the existing owner of the charging device that it provides a good charging experience for the Switch console. 

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